Dr. G. V. P. N. Srikanth, Raja Sekhar Gorthi & Dr. G. Srinivas, “THE CONVECTIVE HEAT AND MASS TRANSFER OF NANO-FLUID PAST A PERMEABLE INCLINED OSCILLATING FLAT PLATE”, International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Modern Education (IJMRME), Volume 2, Issue 2, Page Number 10-20, 2016

The significant research has seen with nano fluid flow and heat transfer. But still there is a wide scope of research in mass transfer with nano fluids due to Brownian motion of particles. A theoretical investigation has attempted in this paper to study the chemical reaction effects during mass transfer. We have studied convective heat and mass transfer of MHD nano fluid flow past inclined, oscillating permeable flat plate with radiation and heat source. It is found that velocity and Diffusion increases for both kind of chemical reactions.

Key Words:
Nano – Fluid, MHD, Inclined Plate, Radiation & R-K 6th Order

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